Frontline Market Researc in Africa

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Market Research in Ghana

Our market and trade research services cover the entire research spectrum from conceptualization and design to implementation, analysis and reporting at all levels.

Trade research in Ghana

Frontline Market Research is a full-house research facility with a strong emphasis on trade research:

  • Execution audits,
  • Trader satisfaction surveys,
  • Mystery shopper compliance audits,
  • Trade monitoring,
  • Retail audits,
  • Retail census,
  • Bespoke,
  • S.G.M.S - Stock Generated Market Share,
  • Qualitative and quantitative projects.

Consumer and social research in Ghana

Frontline Market Research also have a solid track record in fields of consumer research like:

  • Consumer purchase behaviour,
  • Psycho-demographic profiles,
  • Occasions based consumer segmentation,
  • Attitude and opinion studies,
  • Brand health and communication tracking,
  • Advertising impact surveys

Geomarketing in Ghana

  • Mapping for Management: Use of mapping and census data to develop sample matrixes, ensures robust coverage and clustering, and manages logistics of fieldwork quality control.
  • Knowledge Mapping: Interfaces market intelligence with state of the art mapping techniques.

Research support services

  • Market research fieldworkers
  • Transport
  • Back-checking and research verification
  • Research data capture services
  • Geomarketing and mapping for management technology
  • Consumer interviewers
  • Research supervision
  • Research quality guarantees
  • Handheld survey technology
  • GPS technology