Frontline Market Researc in Africa

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Our Market Research Philosophy

Data Transparency

We offer data at store level. Only the names of the outlets are hidden. Not only does this open up opportunities for analysis, it is also the best possible way of driving up data quality: neither Frontline nor the field agency has anywhere to hide.

Coverage Transparency

All outlets are mapped, and client has access to our exact coverage.

Quality Control 

We are recognized for our levels of quality control. We use state of the art equipment to manage data collection and field teams in real time, through our quality control division, which is a unique business node set up solely to manage field and data quality.

In-store observations

We believe that audits offer the opportunity to measure client investments and execution in-store : Direct Delivery, Signage, Promotions, Coolers: anything observable, including attitudinal measures.

Flexibility + Customization

While core measures are read across the board, we also customize for our client: That means you get your definitions, your trade channels, your regions and districts, and your list of additional collected measures.


Using our Sales Analyzer, and also an Excel tool, users can retrieve pre-aggregated data, or create their own custom made breaks and run them in seconds. Trended data is still there, but the emphasis naturally changes from monitoring trends to analyzing what drives sales.

Added value

Our Execution and CSI add on's allow for tactical analysis and reporting, to the benefit of client teams who are "at the rock face” daily.