Frontline Market Researc in Africa

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Where We Can Help

If you are active, or looking to expand into Africa, Frontline would like to partner and develop a fit for purpose solution for you.

Full-Service Research Implementation

Our services cover the entire research spectrum from conceptualization and design to implementation, analysis and reporting.

Trade Research

Execution Audits, Trader Satisfaction Surveys, Mystery Shopper Compliance Audits, Monitoring, Retail Audits, Retail Census, Bespoke, S.G.M.S - Stock Generated Market Share, Qualitative and Quantitative projects. 

Consumer and Social Research

Frontline associates with research and industry specialists to provide actionable outcomes in this sphere. 

GeoMapping Intelligence

  • Mapping for Management: Use of mapping and census data to develop sample matrixes, ensure robust coverage and clustering, and manage logistics of field work quality control.
  • Knowledge Mapping: Interfaces market intelligence with state of the art mapping techniques.

Research Support Services

  • Field auditors
  • Back-checking and verification
  • Data capture services
  • GeoMarketing and Mapping for Management technology
  • Supervision
  • Handheld survey technology
  • GPS technology
  • Project Management
  • On time management applications

Technological Capabilities

  • GPS systems (distribution interfaces)
  • GIS mapping capabilities
  • Data capture and tabulation in a number of formats
  • Outlet location and activation application (OLA)