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Frontline Market Research - market research company South Africa

Surveys and census studies

Satisfaction Surveys

Assessment of Customer Satisfaction with supplier driven execution services e.g. delivery, order generation, asset maintenance etc.

Business Census Studies

Retail Census

A ‘walk the streets’ census of all retail outlets in geographically defined regions.Usually countrywide but can focus on specific geographic areas within countries.Outlet types are identified and assessed. In combination with GIS systems, outlets are mapped and linked to government census data.

Sample Retail Census

A ‘walk the street’ sampling of retail outlets. Outlets are identified and assessed and then extrapolated to a wider geographical area using GIS systems and data from various sources.

Rolling Retail Census

A census capturing a set percentage of a country each year, usually completed over 3 years. It provides a continuous, accurate picture of the retail universe, sustainable over the years, at a cost effective yearly rate.

Available Data Sets

South Africa
Mozambique Maputo 2012
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam 2015