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Product Applications


Optimise Footprint / Distribution

This allows you to map and visualise your customer distributions at any scale such as country, province, town, suburb or even client specific boundaries.

Market Analysis

This makes it easy to define your target market using populations, LSMs, demographics and your own customer data. You can locate and size your target market areas, which help you to understand what your baseline opportunity is in an existing market or a potential one.

In other words, market analysis will help you to better plan and optimise your current footprint in order to reach the maximum number of target consumers possible.

Spatial Analysis

Choose from multiple map selection tools to select and identify features on your map and data spreadsheet. You can also identify areas where your turnover is highest, where your target market is located, sales areas, distribution gaps and much more in order to make intelligent business decisions.


This is the answer to all location-related questions in sales and marketing, such as knowing where your customers are located or where your turnover is the highest.

Heat Mapping

Heat maps are used to represent your customer data as a continuous range of colours. This identifies any “hot spot” areas with high outlet densities and high sales volumes.

Opportunity Analysis

This application will help you to identify opportunities for outlet development, areas that are under-serviced or gaps in the market.

Competitor Analysis

Here you can use your input and map competitor data to analyse competitor’s footprints and trends within your area and industry.

Trade Area Analysis

The Trade Area Analysis application allows you to identify and profile characteristics of the area around a store or network of stores. This can be based on straight line buffers, drive time or surveyed catchment area.


Geo-code addresses

This will convert your customer addresses into geographic coordinates in Microsoft Excel and immediately display your results on maps.

Data Management

Data Management enables you to keep track of your digital assets, such as point of sale data, customer addresses and physical assets (such as your stores or competitor locations). This has the potential to empower your team to better plan a strategy in order to gain more market share.

Territory Mapping

Users are able to delineate, digitize areas and map various territories. These territories include sales and rep territories and users can then profile these areas too.

Route to Market

This effective application allows you to identify operational routes, daily planning for different business sectors and resources requirements planning - quickly and easily.

Routing and Logistics

Use Route XL to quickly and accurately calculate optimised point to point routing, travelling salesman, round robin routing or matrix routing – all within Microsoft Excel.

Outlet Location & Activation (OLA)

Use OLA to track sales teams & logistics, update outlet data, capture new outlets onto an existing database, visualize outlet data graphically, and geo-code your client base.

Mapping for field and trade  

Project Setup

This includes the setup of base map data and project start up.

Field Surveys

The surveys are completed in field and plotted onto maps for analysis.

Colour Coding Data

Colour Coding Data makes for the best representation by displaying map data in numerous ways using symbols, colours and labels.

Identify Opportunities and Gaps

It’s always important to identify opportunities for outlet development, for areas that are under-serviced or for gaps in the market – which is where this product application will assist you.