Frontline Market Researc in Africa

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Market Research Solutions

Frontline Market Research has a network of field research suppliers and co-ordinators throughout Africa.

Our expertise lies in our ability to penetrate and inform on emerging markets with our emphasis on providing our clients with superb market intelligence.

Frontline Market Research offers the following:

Trade Research and Retail Measurement Studies

Frontlines Retail Tracking Services measures the retail environment data and trends over time to provide both strategic insights and tactical actions into African markets. This allows clients to track their performance in the markets versus their competitors, measure brand and product successes and identify threats, thus enabling them to strengthen their market position.

Offering includes; Full Retail Audits, Bi-monthly Retail Audit, Frontline Stock Generated Market Share, On-premise Observation of Sales, Execution Audits, RADAR (Advanced In-store Optimization Tool) and Satisfaction Surveys.

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Strategic Projects

Frontline Strategic Projects provides actionable market insights, by conducting fit for purpose, bespoke research projects, and offering solutions within various market sectors. This enables our clients to make tactical and strategic decisions, in territories across the African continent.

Offering includes; Market Sizing & Segmentation, Route to Market, Bespoke Projects, Mystery Shopping, Retail Census Studies, Time and Motion Studies and Consulting.

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Mapping Solutions - GeoMarketing Africa

GeoMarketing Africa provides expert mapping services and unique software, which adds spatial functionality and intelligence to the Microsoft Excel environment. This software enables businesses to visualise, analyse and share spreadsheet data, across multiple business functions such as sales, logistics, marketing and finance. Up to date, relevant African datasets, location geocoding and advanced routing solutions also form part of the GeoMarketing Africa product suite.

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Full Service Consulting and Project Management

A programme of conceptualization training, methodology, management and quality control which adds value to any research project.